Hi There! Welcome to my blog This Girl’s Recipes. I am a foodie and love to try variety of food from all over the world, and recently started chronicling my food diaries.

I had a chance to read the book “Julie and Julia” by Julie Powell and could totally relate with Julie. I have a small kitchen, where experiments happen, mostly accidents and sometimes miracles. I say miracles because I am no expert at cooking, but whenever I prepare a dish that comes out to be delicious, my husband calls it a miracle 🙂

My son is my little helper in the kitchen and loves to be part of the creations we work together on.

Besides trying new recipes and cuisines from around the world, I love painting, skiing, hiking and reading fiction.

Purpose behind This Girl’s Recipes

When I tell my family and friends about my blog, first question I hear from them is, do you actually cook?

Well, I must tell you I am always expecting their surprised reaction to my cooking and recipe making. I never stepped in the kitchen back home. I never showed any interest in cooking whatsoever. This was the last thing in my mind while studying and working. During my student days, I used to get by making mac and cheese, noodles or burritos.

So what made me become a food blogger?

No particular reason. I have been writing down recipes in my recipe binder all these years. This one time my friend wanted to try my quinoa cake recipe we talked about earlier at a party.

It was hard to explain the instructions over the phone, so I decided to upload them on my free (at the time) blogging platform. She loved it and asked to share more. That was it! I decided to go with self hosting option and set up my blog. Sharing the recipes has been so much fun since then 🙂

What will you find on This Girls Recipes?

Being a vegetarian, all of my recipes are vegetarian. You will find breakfast, lunch, salad, appetizers and dinner recipes. I love to bake, toss salads and whip up ice creams.

So, grab a cup of coffee, pick up your smartphone, start browsing and bookmark your favorite recipes that you find at This Girl’s Recipes! Please let me know your favorite ones and the ones you would like to see on this blog.