Organize Your Recipes with Editable Recipe Binder

Do you love to make recipes? I do too, but main purpose for me to create my own food blog was to keep a collection of easy to make recipes. I have been known to not get into the kitchen much. I love to create a short cut to any complicated recipes, and make a simpler version.

The thing was I was making these simpler versions but then forgetting next time what ingredients I used or replaced and how much time I cooked or baked them.

You been there too? Oh, see.

I know some of my friends and cousins face similar kind of problems, that’s why I decided to create this editable recipe binder. It has been such a life saver for me. When I first designed it, it was not editable. I would simply print a number of copies, and then write down the recipes.

My cousin was visiting me few months ago, and she wanted to make these spinach muffins. She asked for recipe, and I handed her my recipe binder, very proudly thinking she would be singing my praises for my creative self.

But next few minutes were a pure torture for her. She did not understand my handwriting at all. Every ingredient, every direction, she asked me, what’s this, what’s that? EVER SINGLE DIRECTION!

That was when I decided to design an editable recipe binder. I simple need to type the ingredients and the directions. That’s it! I can’t wait for my cousin to visit me next time so that I can show off my editable recipe binder.

Want to take a look at awesome editable Recipe Binder? I love the way it came out with bright and vibrant beautiful colors. It has one cover sheet, 1 long recipes sheet, 1 short recipes sheet, 1 divider pages sheet and one divider tabs sheet.

This is the cover for the recipe binder. You can edit the cover name for your binder.

Editable Recipe Binder Cover

This is what the divider sheet looks like. You can print any number of copies, and edit to type your own categories. For example, I have breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, fruits and drinks categories. You might have more or less of these categories. So depending on your menu categories, you can edit and print the divider pages.

Breakfast Menu Items for Recipes Binder

Or you can edit to type, Juices and Smoothies. You can even make two separate categories of juices and smoothies.

Juice and Smoothies category for Editable Recipe Binder

Long Recipes Sheet – Write down your recipes, with preparation and cooking time, serving, ingredients and directions to cook. Check out the beautiful space for typing out the ingredients and directions for your recipes. Here’s my recipe for Avocado and Egg Sandwich.

Long Recipes

Shorter Recipes Sheet – This recipe sheet is for recipes that do not require any cooking or major preparations, like smoothies. Only ingredients and directions are included in this sheet. There’s a separate sheet for shorter recipes.

Recipes that don’t take too many ingredients and directions are just one or two liners. I mostly use these sheets for my juices or smoothies. I don’t have to use too many pages when I can write two recipes on one page.

Here’s my recipe for Avocado Pear Green Smoothie.

Shorter Recipes for Editable Recipe Binder

Do you like to divide your sections based on tabs? I like to go directly to the recipe based on the categories. These editable divider tabs help me take to the recipe category I want to go, instead of browsing through all the recipes. These editable divider tabs can be edited based on your recipe categories.

Here’s what they look like.

Divider Tabs for Editable Recipe Binder

This editable recipe binder comes with 15 Prefilled Divider Pages and Tabs:

1. Appetizers
2. Beverages
3. Breads
4. Breakfast
5. Dessert
6. Grilling
7. Holidays
8. Juices & Smoothies
9. Pasta
10. Salads & Dressings
11. Slow Cooker
12. Soups & Sandwiches
13. Vegetarian
14. Cakes & Pies
15. Cookies & Candies

I love that I can personalize the divider pages and tabs to add my own own food categories.

There is also a Notes section, just in case you want to write anything special about these recipes or make any special notes.

There is an EXTRA bonus: An awesome Meal Planner. Plan your weekly meals ahead of time with this planner. Shop ahead of time with the grocery shopping list. Never get stuck with what to cook on any particular day.

This recipe planner is an instant download in a PDF format. I’m normally able to print it at home or it can be printed at your local printing store. It is a total of 5 Editable documents, 15 prefilled documents and 1 Notes page (total 21 pages).

Make sure to get your copy of this Editable Recipe Binder and write down your recipes once and for all in a beautiful and vibrant recipe binder. If you do get your copy, I would love to hear how you liked it.

Download Your Editable Recipe Binder

Do not forget to leave me a note on how you liked it!